Welcome to Georgia State Square Dancers Association (GSSDA)

What is the GSSDA? GSSDA was formed in 1971 with a desire to host a National Square Dance Convention® in Georgia.  GSSDA was incorporated in the State of Georgia to promote square dancing throughout the state, to upgrade the image of square dancing, to publicize square dance activities, and to plan for and conduct the annual State Square Dance Convention.

How is the GSSDA run? GSSDA is operated by a Board of Directors composed of dedicated dancers from all Georgia regions who freely donate their time and efforts to promote square dancing.  The meetings are conducted primarily to plan for the annual State Convention held in September each year, coordinate and plan for a Spring Dance in May, and to perform other duties as necessary to meet our objectives.  All GSSDA meetings are open and visitors are welcome.

GSSDA Membership? GSSDA membership is renewed the end of September.  Clubs and organizations are required to renew their annual membership.  The electronic Dixie Crier newsletter is published quarterly.  This document is emailed to Club Presidents and asked to distribute the Dixie Crier newsletter to their club members.