We’re less than a month away from the 50th Georgia State ConventionAre you ready?

The GSSDA Team has been planning for several months and we’ve got some fantastic plans this year.  We have 35+ Super Dance Leaders registered for the Convention.  The Gainesville Civic Center has completed a $1.2M renovation and the facility is beautiful.  We will have five (5) dance floors, all with wooden floors.  A wide variety of dance options to choose from, something for everyone. 

Please purchase a State Convention ribbon and come join us while we celebrate 50 Years.  Thursday night we will Trail End with Alan Hall & Dave Vieira (FL) with Mike McDonald cueing Rounds and Debbie McClain leading the Lines.  Great start to a weekend!

Volunteers – we need ‘em!  Will you volunteer a few hours of your time to help at the State Convention?  We need your help!!

We attended a class graduation Monday night – wow it seems like years!  The new dancers were so excited to be joining the club and the opportunity to socialize with others.   The GSSDA Graduate Program is still presenting each Mainstream Graduate with a pass for FREE ADMISSION to the next State Convention.   Bring your new club members to the Georgia State Convention in September. 

As your club makes plans to reopen, please keep in mind safety first and ensure that the club has renewed the following items:

  • Georgia State Square Dancers Association (GSSDA) Annual Membership
  • USDA Insurance requested, update location if this has changed.
  • Officers contact information updated.  We use this for distribution of the Dixie Crier and Club communications.

We look forward to seeing you in Gainesville soon.

Louis & Angie McClure, GSSDA Presidents