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Georgia State Singles Association of Square and Round Dancers

Square Dancers


The Georgia State Singles Associations(GSSA) was established to provide a place for Singles to meet and dance for the fun and fellowship.

Membership Requirements

In order to become a member, you must be single and pay a $20.00 membership fee. You do not have to be a resident of Georgia to be a member. Please make your check payable to GSSASRD and mail to the treasurer along with your name, address, phone number, email address and the name of the club which has your insurance coverage. The treasurer’s name and address is noted below.

Benefits of Membership

You will receive four newsletters a year. These newsletters will contain information about singles’ dances and activities in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and the National Singles. Each newsletter will also include a roster of our current membership. Square dance insurance is also included as part of the membership fee. If you are single and a new graduate from a mainstream class, your first year’s membership fee is free if your club provides our secretary with your date of graduation along with your name, address, phone number and email address.

Secretary Treasurer
Kay Reed Joyce Mosely
133 Barks Drive P.O. Box 172
Ft Walton Beach, FL 32547 Lizella, GA 31052
478-731-3398 478-737-1565

If you have questions, feel free to contact either of the officers listed above.

A link to the anniversary dance is located on the Dance Events tab under Georgia Events.

To visit the Single Square Dancers USA website click here.